An overview of SOMACRAM

 Established in 1976, SOMACRAM (Société Malgache de Courtage et d’Affrètements Maritimes) is a Limited Company.

At the beginning, our activities were mainly focused on ship brokerage and chartering services. However, due to the demise of the maritime fleet, we had to rethink our business strategy and explore other activities, which we identified as more favourable to our development.

Today, SOMACRAM is:

Tour Operator

Specialized in themed and made-to-order trips, we are an advocate of sustainable tourism and offer trips that fall within that category in Madagascar’s rural areas.

A member of the TOP (the Professional Association of Destination Management Companies) and of GO TO MADAGASCAR (the Consortium of Tour Operators in Madagascar), we take pride in making sure that your trip to the Red Island meets your requirements at a competitive rate.

Amongst other things, we will put at your disposal:

Finally, thanks to a top-notch knowledge of the tourism industry in Madagascar, you can expect us to know how to surprise you and make your trip to Madagascar an unforgettable one.

Travel Agency

SOMACRAM is also one of the longest-established travel agency in Madagascar. ATAF and IATA approved, we consistently rank amongst the best ticket sellers from airline compagnies working in Madagascar, in terms of both domestic and international flights. SOMACRAM is also a member of the AAVM (the Association of Travel Agents in Madagascar), which represents over 60% of those airline companies’ sales. Finally, because we see ourselves as a true interface between our clients and the companies we partner with, we are constantly receiving amazing feedbacks and are genuinely appreciated by both.

Our partners:

Specialized services provision and exclusive representation

In addition to the above, SOMACRAM is also dedicated to providing you specialized services in the areas of international mail and packages quick delivery to and from Europe as well as insurance coverage.

Assurances Aro

We are also a representative and sport the products of the longest-running insurance company in Madagascar, “Aro”: