The Tropical East Coast – 06 Days

If you are a nature lover, the East Coast of Madagascar should rank very high on your list of must-see places. It will undoubtedly surprise you with things you will not see anywhere else!


To name but a few, explore the rainy forest of the Andasibe National Park, home to several endemic species of lemurs, lizards, birds, crocodiles, rich vegetation, tree ferns, etc. Additionally, witness the great spectacle of humpback whales bridal shows off the coast of Sainte-Marie.


The main sites for this tour:


  • The Peyreiras private reserve: discovery of varieties of butterflies and reptiles
  • Analamazaotra National Park : home the biggest lemur in Madagascar indri indri (Babakoto)
  • The city of Tamatave : Madagascar’s main port city and capital of the Betsimisaraka ethnic group
  • Ile Sainte Marie : the pirates graveyard, the first catholic church of Madagascar, Queen Betty’s museum, natural pool…
  • Ile aux nattes : Whales safari, relax and swim at the white-sand beaches


Departure to Andasibe, the closest park to the capital Antananarivo. Stopover and visit of the Peyreiras private reserve to observe the great varieties of butterflies and reptiles such as the endemic chameleons of Madagascar. Possibility of a night visit of the Analamazaotra National Park to observe night lemur, butterflies….


Visit of the Analamazaotra National Park to search the biggest lemur of Madagascar, “indri indri”, the other species of lemur (the bamboo-lemur, fulvus ) , some birds and a variety of reptiles living in the rainy forest, rich vegetation, tree ferns…

In the afternoon, visit of the lemur island at Vakôna Forest Lodge.


Free time in the morning.

After lunch, direction to Tamatave, the capital of the Betsimisaraka ethnic group. Observation of a beautiful landscape of Eastern forest all along the way.


Early in the morning, transfer to Soanierana Ivongo, which is the boarding point towards Sainte-Marie. Quick visit of the Fort Manda in Foulpointe, once a garrison of the royal army and the residence of the Merina governor in the region during the reign of King Radama I.

Arrival to Soanierana Ivongo, transfer by boat to the island of Sainte-Marie.

Check-in and lunch at the hotel. 


A day excursion by 4×4 on bad tracks through diverse landscapes, plantations of vanilla and clove. After a short walk, a stroll in a traditional dugout through the mangrove swamp rich in flora and fauna will lead you to see the East side; the wildest of the island.

Relaxation and swimming in the lagoon with emerald sea.

Our hotel partner prepares you a picnic lunch with tropical flavors.



Discover the natural pools. Crossing a small fishermen’s village, waterfalls, panoramic views.

Relaxation and bathing. Picnic lunch


Excursion to Ile aux nattes, a small island paradise in the South of Saint Marie.

Quiet beaches, coconut palms, an spotless white sand and its turquoise blue water define the beauty of the island. The most adventurous can even make a snorkelling to discover the rich marine fauna and flora: fish multicolored, coral reefs, …



Trasnfer at Sainte Marie airport and flight to Antananarivo. 

City tour of Antananarivo and visit the royal palace of Ambohimanga classified World Heritage by Unesco in 2001. Towards the end of the afternoon, purchase souvenir at Digue craft market and transfer at Ivato airport for Europe/ Asia …



Entry requirements

The passport must be valid at least six (06) months after the return date. 

 An entry visa is required


  • 01 day à 30 days: 115.000 MGA– 35 EURO – 37 USD
  • 31 à 60 days : 135.000 MGA – 40 EURO – 45 USD
  • 61 à 90 days : 175.000 MGA- 50 EURO – 55 USD

Health formalities

Anti-malaria, cholera, hepatitis A and B vaccines are strongly recommended for people wanting to visit Madagascar.  It is also recommended to have basic and personal medications in sufficient quantity for the entire duration of the stay

Hospital and private clinic

Hospitals and private clinics can be found in the country’s major cities.



The local currency is the Ariary (MGA). Nowadays 1 Euro = about 3,800 Mga. It varies from time to time. Banks, car rentals, the main hotels and some shops in the major cities accept credit card.


Custom requirements 

It is absolutely prohibited to export protected animals, funeral statues or rare fossils. Certain items require an export authorization that can be obtained upon the purchase of said item (e.g. wood sculptures, gems, carved stones, etc.)


Luggage allowance

Each passenger has a 20 kg luggage allowance on domestic flights.


Tourist vignette

Tourist vignette price varies depending on the category. The vignette is to be paid at each hotel, or can be directly included in our services, and its price usually is between MGA 1,000 to MGA 5,000. 

Area and climate

Madagascar’s total area is 592,000 km² with other 5,000 km of littoral.  

From December to March: Summer (rainy season).

From April to August: Winter.

From September to November: dry period.

Time difference

The time difference between Madagascar and Europe is:


  •  + 2:00 winter time in Europe
  •  + 1:00 summer time in Europe

National holidays

The main national holidays in Madagascar are:


  • January 1st  (New Year’s Day)
  • Easter Monday 
  • March 29th (Commemoration of the insurrectionof March 29,  1947)
  • May 1st (Labour Day)
  • Whit Mondy
  • June 26th  (Independance Day)
  • Assumption
  • December (Christmas)

Usually, Saturday afternoons and Sundays are days off.



Rice is the staple food of the Malagasy population. It usually comes with a side dish of zebu meat, pork or poultry and is sprinkled with “romazava”, a traditional broth made with zebu meat and leaves.

Only well-off families can afford foie gras.

Products that are usually associated with tropical countries can be found in Madagascar, such as seasonal fruits, seafood, etc.

One can also find all the usual drinks in Madagascar. It is recommended to drink local mineral water and to avoid drinking tap water.



Christianity and traditional beliefs (the cult of ancestors) predominantly cohabit in Madagascar; however, the country also has a substantial proportion of Muslims.

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